Company Overview

CyberObject, founded in 1995, is dedicated to build intelligent business solutions that delivers exception ROI. Our mission is to exceed our customer's expectation in innovation, value and customer-focus. Our proven track record for the past sixteen (16) years demonstrates we have just done that.


We take pride in applying state-of-the-art technologies to solve complex business issues. Innovation is in our blood. We have a consistent and proven record of on-time and on-budget delivery of innovative world-class business solutions.

iPlatform, one of its kind, enables to create, maintain and enhance complex business applications with little or no programming. iPlatform apps are accessible any time and any where via desktop, web, smart device such as iPhone and iPad, voice, SMS, etc.

Business value

Business value is at core with what we do.

Take as an example for one of our major telecommunication client. iPlatform has been fully integrated with over 50 operational support systems from billing, service order, dispatch, switch, and facilities, to testing and beyond. We have captured and implemented over 5000 institutional rules in the iPlatform knowledge base plus over 200 decision tables that range from troubleshooting techniques, testing results interpretation, regulatory mandates, methods and procedures, and beyond. There are currently over 16 million decision points implemented in iPlatform that are utilized to manage millions of trouble tickets annually with 99.9% operational availability.

As a result, iPlatform reduces: AHT (average handle time) by more than 63%, average cost per cost by 50%, reduce training from months to one week (result in headcount reduction), increase quality of dispatch (decision) and first call resolution.

Customer focus

Customer service and support is the cornerstone of our business. We always standby to answer our customers and address their issues expeditiously and professionally.

We are looking forward to serving you.