Intelligent Application Engine

In typical development environments channels are usually developed and maintained as separate applications though they perform the same business function. Your current eRepair and IVR are examples of this methodology.

The “One Engine Drives All” framework enables us to share backend integration and the knowledge base across all channels without IT effort. In our environment a single engine delivers features, functions, and business logic to all channels transparently. So you develop one application, you test one application, and you maintain one application for all channels.  This approach provides significant improvements in speed to market and reduces IT time and costs in addition to reducing future maintenance costs.

Additionally, it allows fast fixes and enhancements. Once an enhancement or fix is made and deployed, it is transparently and instantly available to all channels and customers.

iPlatform has been in production for over a decade with over 15 years of optimization and enhancements. IPlatform leverages the intellectual capital and financial investments in iPlatform and enables to rapidly deliver its optimized features and functions to all customers and users through IPlatform and expanded channels.

 IPlatform will not only dramatically expand access but will also significantly expand the scope and complexity of issues being handled through customer self-service because the iPlatform engine is driving all channels.

Seamless Engagement

It is impossible to achieve a 100% automation rate, which means that there are always issues that require human attention. We can generally divide customers and their issues into three categories:

  • Full automation – issues can be fully automated without human intervention.
  • Semi-automation – issues require some  human involvement
  • Customers absolutely refuse to interact with a machine. Seamless engagement focuses on the second category – issues requiring some human involvement.

Let’s use an example to illustrate one of the problems with today's customer self-service applications.
Customer Bob is navigating an IVR. Bob is confused by the IVR choices and doesn't’t know how to proceed. Bob is then transferred to a live agent. A live agent is now engaged with Bob until his issue is resolved.

Our technology recognizes Bob is struggling and engages a live representative transparently to help Bob make the right choice and then delivers the control for the call back to the IVR and enables the IVR to continue to serve Bob.  Bob’s issue is addressed and the amount of intervention by your representative is limited to resolving only those issues where Bob and the system are struggling.

Our proprietary seamless engagement technology provides a paradigm shift where we avoid transferring the remainder of the call to a live agent by entering the contact, the specific issue and allowing the system to address any remaining issues without further human involvement.  To insure a positive customer outcome your representative may be allowed to continue to monitor the interaction to be confident the customer’s needs are addressed.

Seamless and transparent

Seamless engagement is accomplished by our technology recognizing any combination of inappropriate customer responses, delays in responding or customer frustration.  These triggers deliver the customer to the desktop of a live representative with a listing of the customer’s responses up to the point of the customer being delivered to the representatives desktop. 

The representative analyzes the issue and either addresses it or poses additional clarifying questions, but in all scenarios the response is typed into the system and the IVR speaks the response back to the customer.  The representative may continue to monitor the customer’s progress or may immediately return control of the customer call to the IVR.   The engagement is so seamless and transparent the customer will never know a live agent has been engaged in the process.