Channel Technology

In today's mobile and interconnected marketplace, competitive pressures demand your services and applications are securely accessible from any device, to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, achieving such an objective has been costly and time-consuming because development is generally required for each access channel.

Our proprietary channel technology delivers service over Any Device, to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere in plain English conversation.

A comprehensive set of generic user interfaces (UI) exists for each channel. This enables the service provider to focus on your business processes and strategies as opposed to complex customized user interfaces. Once your application is deployed, it is instantly accessible across all channels without additional software development and programming.

The following channels will provide 24X7 customer self-service.

  • Voice – 800# with speech/IVR allows customers and users to interact with applications in plain English conversation as they would with a live agent.
  • Chat – The chat channel allows the customers and users to chat with applications in plain English conversation as they would with a live chat agent or a friend. We provide a web based chat client for access, but customers and users may also utilize their own IM (chat) client.
  • SMS -allows customers and users to interact with applications through texting in plain English conversation.
  • Web – Web browser access via the world’s most ubiquitous interface.
  • Desktop – The corporate workhorse GUI.
  • Facebook – Proactive customer service – if anyone poses a question about a product or service in Facebook, this channel can provide an answer by posting a response to Facebook. If the proper response cannot be formulated based on the knowledge base, it can engage a live agent to address the issue.
  • Twitter – Work similarly as Fackbook.