Adaptive and Learning

Learning and adapting is designed to provide ongoing reduction of live agent engagement, increase the automation rate and improve the quality of dispatches and therefore leads to additional reductions of AHT and cost.
IPlatform continuously improves itself through learning and adapting under the supervision of your staff in real-time and in production without IT involvement. Performance can be improved in two significant aspects:

  • Learns English language permutations such as dialects, slang, product name, etc.
  • Adapts the knowledge base to improve the quality of decisions and expand the scope of customer issues being addressed.

When an exception arises, a live agent is brought into the customer call via engagement. Once the issue is resolved by the agent, the live agent can then document how to address the issue for future callers.    Once this recommendation is reviewed and deployed, the same issue can be addressed without engagement in the future. This “system training” can occur in real-time in production. This system training does not require programming and deployment of the new information...