Expand self-service through Expanded channels

Once an application is deployed to IPlatform, it is instantly available for customer self-service without additional development and programming.

Increase user experience, satisfaction and loyalty

The embedded natural English conversation capability provides a better, more natural user experience...
The Internet community channels such as Facebook and Twitter provides a new convenient, inexpensive customer service channel.
As a result, it will shed calls to call centers, expand access, increase automation rate, provide a better user experience and therefore increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing your labor costs.

Reduce IT cost

The "One Engine Drives All" framework provides consistent customer service with full functionality and features across all channels without overlapping investments and efforts. Features and functions are pushed to all the channels transparently. As a result, it will significantly cut IT cost, provide speed to market and increase your automation rate.

Reduced AHT

The paradigm shift of true "seamless engagement" potentially revolutionizes the contact center operation. It transparently engages a live agent for only those tasks that need the attention of live agents. As a result, it will significantly reduce AHT and labor costs.

Self improvement in real-time

The learning and adapting capability resident in IPlatform supports continuous self-improvement without IT investments and efforts. The learning and adapting occurs in real-time and in production. As a result, it will continue to reduce AHT, increase the automation rate, and improve the quality of dispatches.

Bottom line: reduce cost and improve customer service

IPlatform is a leading edge intelligent  application platform, which provides better customer service, a better user experience, significantly reduces AHT, will increase the automation rate, and improve quality of dispatches. The bottom line is that it significantly reduces service cost and improves customer service.