VISA Agent

VISA-Agent provides the best agent rules to trouble / order entry which uses complete backend system data and testing that supporting all type trouble flows; POTS, DSL, Wireless and IPTV. Logic is built from best agent mining and all existing Methods and Procedures. VISA-Agent interfaces, surrounds, and complement existing applications, as well as, operating as a freestanding "APP" for customer self-entry and self-isolation.

From the first contact, VISA saves time, money, and improves the customer’s experience.

Standards-driven workflows help solve problems right the first time.

Your organization probably spends a great deal of time and expense fine-tuning standard Methods and Procedures, only to have them freely interpreted in the field or by call agents. VISA makes your M & P standards come alive in the your business operations, empowering your call agents and field techs with information. VISA leverages data and performance results into rules-driven evaluations that help support staff solve customer problems right the first time. Logical workflows allow even new hires to follow a script, run a test, properly interpret the result, and move towards resolution with confidence. If you want to make your agents and technicians accountable, VISA gives you the tools to implement a standard they can successfully follow.

One system supports multiple services for a faster, better customer experience.

VISA is a workhorse that can manage separate workflows for diverse work groups. More importantly, VISA Platform enables you to consolidate your service offerings into a single point of contact support experience for your customers. Your agents and techs will have the information they need to solve complex problems for any of your vertical service offerings with confidence. Integrated with your network and equipment performance data sources or systems, VISA can leverage all known conditions of the customer, assess the probable cause, and then enable resolution scripts through various customer portals. Agents can seamlessly move from one workflow to the next. If they need to escalate the call to a higher level of experience, it’s not a problem. VISA will store and forward all previous sessions to expedite the customer experience at the next level. Agents no longer have to waste time and frustrate the customer by asking them to restate the problem.

Enable and empower field techs with greater access to the back office.

VISA is not just for the call center. Use the same toolsets to customize and implement interfaces for field tech operations following M&P standards. Create highly integrated workflows with back office OSS/BSS systems or integrate handheld test equipment in the field using our interface plug-in modules. This feature expands the data sources available to the systems, care agents or field techs to refine or enhance the logic of the scripts.

VISA not only aids the field, it also informs management. Reduce your repeat rates by ensuring that field techs follow the prescribed process, accurately interpret the test results of back office or handheld field equipment, and quickly progress in the installation or repair. VISA Reports provides status updates on the progress of jobs in the field and estimated completion time for each task.