VISA Technician

VISA-Technician provides a Smart Device Application (APP) with best process rules for trouble repair and installation, which uses complete backend system data and testing supporting all type trouble flows; POTS, DSL, Wireless and IPTV. Logic is built from best technician mining and all existing Methods and Procedures. VISA-Technician interfaces, surrounds, and complement existing dispatch applications.

The VISA-Technician solution allows seamless technician knowledge processes to be deployed to the field. VISA-Technician puts field technicians in charge of their job, interfacing directly to the dispatch system to access service orders, job details, job list selection, scheduling, and job closeout. Technicians get the information they need to reliably provision services and rapidly clear service troubles with minimal back-office or help-desk support.

VISA-Technician can be deployed as a single, integrated solution, integrated to any legacy system including hybrid migrations to bring highly automated, quality-controlled processes to any field organization. By implementing this reliable, repeatable service provisioning process, you can eliminate support from back-office personnel and enforce process adherence by field technicians.

The VISA-Technician inference engine captures the "most experienced" technician’s knowledge base for use by an entire workforce reducing training requirements for new or temporary hires. VISA-Technician supports, POTS, DSL, Wireless and IPTV technicians. The open architecture provides interfaces with all current legacy systems while being flexible enough to accommodate future applications. VISA-Technician incorporates new technology including Smart Devices, GPS, GIS mapping, and OCR scanning.